Friday, February 03, 2006

The M.A.M.E. Cabinet - 'INSERTED COINS' - Part 3

So, as it stands today, the whole thing works pretty well. There are a few issues though.
Current problems...

1. The cabinet holds a LOT of heat. I plan to drill some holes in the top of the cabinet to try and vent the heat a little better and perhaps install a fan…OR I could cook hot dogs in there.

2. Need to install the power/reset buttons in a more effective place. Currently, I’ve got the jumpers for both power and reset hooked up to buttons which are locked in the coin box. This keeps the kids from being able to mess with the device if I don’t want them to…but it also means I have to remember where I put the keys…

3. Need to remove the motherboard, drive, etc from it’s current case and mount in a more convienient location. Right now, if I want to do any work on the box I have to physically remove as there is no front access AT ALL.

4. Hook up some wacky network access. If I want/need to mess with the operating system, M.A.M.E., or anything, just like the hardware issue mentioned in point 3, I have to take out the box. I need to install some VLC action on there to make that easier.

5. ‘Mamewah’ documentation/experimentation. There are a lot of people on the web that sing the praises of this ‘M.A.M.E.’ front end. I found the documentation to be lacking. With a little work, I got it figured out but there are still some things I HAVEN’T figured out yet. I’ll eventually get there. I’ve found some quirks that could just be machine specific, of course…but I just need to do some digging.

Future plans…

1. Build a custom control panel. Need parts from either ‘Happ’, ‘Ultimarc’, or perhaps a local vendor like ‘Game Cabinets Inc.’. Gotta’ have the four player with at least one top fire joystick, a spinner, and a trackball. Oh, the fun we will have.

2. Install/create/saw some sort of front access. I want to find a more effective way to get at the PC from the FRONT of the cabinet…instead of having to move it and remove the back.

3. Sideart. You’d think with all the frustration that the original sideart decals caused me, I’d want to leave em’ off. No way. The cabinet just looks naked without em’. Just have to decide what belongs there. : )

do eeeet!



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