Saturday, February 04, 2006

The M.A.M.E. Cabinet - 'INSERTED COINS' - Part 2(d)

Up until this point, this is what I figure I spent: {– not including the control panel}

$100 - 'Rad Mobile' cabinet

$7.49 - miter saw/box

$5.65 - 1"x12"x4' x 2

$1.29 - 1"x1"x2' x 3

$5 - 1"x4"x8' MDF

$1.75 - x 2 Hinges

$1.75 - x 2 'L' Brackets

$3.50 - 1 1/4" box of screws

$3 - utility knife

$14 - Gallon o' Exterior Semi-Gloss Latex Black Paint

$4 - 11 Piece Paint Every Crevice Roller/Brush Kit

$2 - Roll Of Tape Around Things You Don't Want To Paint Over But Still Do Tape

$8 - Undercabinet 18Watt Floor-S-ENT Light {Marquee light}

$4 - Wood Putty

$2 - Spatula Lookin' Things To Spread The Wood Putty

$3 - x 2 adhesive remover

$28 - 100' T-Molding

$3.50 - x 2 coin door locks

$5 - Power Strip

$5 - pack of three big pieces of poster board

$10 - pack of three big pieces of foam board

$7.60 - Marquee print out

If I counted correctly, which I suspect I didn't, it adds up to $237.47, over three months. Some of the amounts are exact and others…well, they’re as close as I can remember. : )
...muh-muh-money, muh-muh-muh-money...

Add in:

$150 - X-Arcade Dual Joystick Control Panel

…and you get $387.47.

Free stuff:

Random 2"x4" length(s) from my garage.

22" Monitor, (I even wound up with an extra one).


Computer w/ 1.7 Ghz Processor, 256 MB of ram-tastic memory, 60 GB hard drive, blabbity, blabbity, blah.

Power cables.

Random size/length screws/nails.

As odd as it sounds, I probably have somewhere between six and a dozen functional or partially functional PCs in my garage. At least two more normal sized monitors, probably 7 or 8 CD or DVD drives, old hard drives, and so on. I get stuff from work that they are just going to PAY someone to take and/or friends and/or family give me stuff that they think is broken or that they replace with somethin’ newer. It makes for some serious savings over time, especially when you have nearly an entire NBA starting lineup worth of kids.
…and that’s basically it.
$387…or $388 rounded up. Total.

However, that’s just the first go. NEXT comes the custom control panel.

Continue on to the other parts o' the M.A.M.E. adventure...if you DARE!
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